Dr. Michael G. Apps

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Michael is a licensed real estate agent with an extensive history in business management and sales.

After completing an Advanced Degree in Science, Michael was selected straight out of University to work for one of the big three scientific instrument suppliers in Australia. Securing this prestigious opportunity at an incredibly young age, Michaels career started off in high gear. With a team of successful and decorated colleagues to guide him, Michaels skills were sharpened and honed with razor efficiency and precision. Michael was recognised for his impressive sales achievements multiple times, winning the “Sales Achievement of the Year” award.

After numerous years of success Michael was hungry to learn more and moved into an Operations Manager position in which he would implement new streamlined sales processes alongside a state of the art computer system to optimise business operations and sales. He was trusted with extremely sensitive information of the highest level for both the company and its clients. His dedication to the task meant he voluntarily taught himself computer programming to better understand the tiniest of nuances of the system design, and implemented improvements where the process was flawed.

Having long felt the desire to further his studies, Michael pursued his dream, and began his Doctorate at the University of Sydney. Impressively, he completed his thesis in 2 years, and published numerous academic research papers in the field of drug formulation and platinum anti-cancer drug design. Michael is a respected member of the scientific community, and recognised for his impressive portfolio of skills and knowledge, he was hired by two different universities to help rewrite syllabus guidelines and subject learning outcomes for undergraduate and post graduate course work.

Although he possesses an intense passion for the pursuit of scientific discovery, Michael sold several personal properties and realised his passion for business and sales could not be quenched. With great ambition he decided to strike out on his own, starting up White Lion Real Estate in 2018. Already off to a rocket start it is expected that this new adventure in property will be his lifelong passion. Although not looking to pursue his career in scientific academia Michael still enjoys guest lecturing and teaching at the University of Sydney, educating the next generation of pharmacists and scientists.

Michael is disciplined and trustworthy – when he undertakes a task he does not rest until it is complete. It is safe to state he has an extremely high aptitude at working with people and for reducing incredibly complex situations into simple, manageable scenarios, providing optimal outcomes.

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Always available to assist, give Michael a call today on 0404 804 084 or email him on Michael.apps@white-lion.com.au and let him work some magic to bring you success.

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